November 10, 2016

Heber Downs Conservation Love Session – Michelle & Steph

Heber Downs Conservation Photography Session

When a past co worker’s wife, Steph, contacted me about creating some beautiful imagery of them at Heber Downs Conservation Area I was so excited. It’s always great when the subjects you will be working with are people you’ve known in the past. While already having a relationship with your photographer isn’t a must, comfort during your session is so important. Even though these photos from Heber Downs seem like engagement photos these two are already happily married. They were married in their backyard in an intimate ceremony that involved only the two of them. No family and no friends. With Michelle originally from Seattle, her family couldn’t easily make it out East. Therefore, Steph only felt it fair that is was a simple affair. However, they wanted to be married as soon as possible due to health issues that had arisen again with Steph. They had been through so much from meeting to getting Michelle into Canada and supporting each other through the difficult times. They wanted to be wife and wife. A privilege that so many others can only dream about.


The fall, such a beautiful and fantastic time of year to capture your love. The trees are as alive and bright with colour as your relationship. The weather is starting to turn and you reluctantly start switching out your summer clothes for your winter ones. The sun still shines brightly at the end of these shorter days and exaggerates your breath as it hits the cold air and dances like a part of your soul has escaped. You’re not totally unwelcoming of this new season. These dark, rainy days have you snuggling more than ever. She’s deep in the thralls of her new book and you’re enjoying a hot cup of tea beside her. Taking in this moment, observing her and thinking how lucky you are at this moment. Warmth, love and happiness for many more autumns to come.