October 1, 2016

St Leo Church Brooklin Wedding – Deidre & Jacob

St Leo Church Brooklin Wedding – Deidre & Jacob: Their Story


Deidre and Jacob met during high school shortly after Deidre moved to Ontario from Newfoundland. It was during Grade 10 and they took the same bus to school every day. One day Jacob got up the nerve to talk to Deidre and the rest is history. I find it really crazy to hear that a couple are high school sweethearts. It’s just not something that you hear about all the time these days. A love lasting through all the growing pains of adolescence is quite the feet. It’s amazing that 2 people can grow alongside each other and become stronger every day for it. It’s funny, at their wedding Deidre’s dad told the story of how Jacob first came over to their house to visit her. He brought over his guitar and had written a love song. Deidre laughed in the corner as Jacob looked super embarrassed. Diedre laughed and exclaimed, “It was so bad!” But clearly, it won her heart for the thought and effort that he put in just in hopes of making her smile.


Deidre and Jacob’s St Leo Church Brooklin wedding was beautiful. I had never been to a church wedding where they actually had the reception as well. Being a newer church, St Leo’s Brooklin had a stunning reception hall almost hidden away down a back hall. Talk about convenient and easy! After the ceremony, the couple, their wedding party and their family went to Heydenshore Park in Whitby to capture their bride and groom portraits, wedding party photos and family photos. Unfortunately, it rained for most of the day. However, Chelsey to the rescue with umbrellas. I knew the weather wasn’t going to be great so I stocked up on clear umbrellas. Why specifically clear umbrella you ask? Because the clear plastic lets the light pass through very easily meaning no shadowy faces.

A big thank you to Deidre and Jacob for coming all the way back to your roots here in Whitby to celebrate your day. An even bigger thank you for having your old high school friend Chelsey capture it 🙂