July 14, 2017

Scarborough Bluffs Proposal Photography – Michelle & Kelvin

Scarborough Bluffs Proposal Photography

I was so excited when Kelvin contacted me to tell me that he wanted me to capture the amazing moment he would ask the love of his life, Michelle, to marry him. He was planning for Scarborough Bluffs proposal photography, a really gorgeous location. This is actually the first proposal I have ever done but it truly went perfectly. It was funny to me that I had to lurk around the couple pretending that I was photographing the natural features instead of sneaking photos of them without Michelle catching on. I started with photographing them while they had their lunch time picnic near the beach. Kelvin then had the sneaky idea to get her up on the rocks where he wanted to propose by asking her to take a photo of him and their dog, Pipa, on them. After getting the image Kelvin asked Michelle to join him on the rocks. He spoke for a few moments and then got down on one knee. In shock, Michelle gasped and began to cry happy tears. They hugged and kissed in their happiness and Pipa stared into my lens the whole time, the only one really noticing I was there.

After their Scarborough Bluffs proposal, I begin capturing very hot off the press engagement photos. What is a better time to capture these then literally right after getting engaged right?! When the moment and emotions are oh so fresh. In the images below, you can see for yourself just how happy Kelvin and Michelle were. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much, Kelvin, for choosing me to capture this important moment in your lives together. It means the world to me. I wish you and Michelle all the congratulations and happiness in the world.

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