April 12, 2017

Our Finest Collaborators – Are you one of them?

Yes, our clients are our finest collaborators. And our best collaborators are those that, like us, will put their heart and soul into creating beautiful, moving imagery.


Our finest collaborators would describe themselves as adventurous risk takers, music adoring romantics, free thinking creatives, earth loving campfire dwellers, culture seeking explorers, art admiring bookworms and the like. Our couples strive to be a truer version of who they are everyday.


Our collaborators love photography and see tremendous value in creating works of art in which they themselves are the subjects. They don’t need to be reminded that it is one of the few things that they will walk away with from their wedding.


The couple are creative and free thinking individuals who aren’t influenced by traditions or trends when it comes to their day. They want their celebration to be an expression that is easy and true, like their love.


Like every artistic discipline, mastery of photography demands constant learning and creation. It’s crucial for couples to appreciate the devotion and hard work that is always put into the art. When a couple distinguishes that dedication they rise to meet it.


They know they could never just place themselves in front of the camera and expect magic to be conjured. The process of capturing true emotion involves the photographer and the subjects equally. They understand you have to be an eager and elated contributor, heart wide open.


In the days of analog, neglecting to create prints from a roll of film would have been seen as a loss. Lost moments of history, beauty, or happiness. How unsettling the process of exposing, developing and viewing a roll of film would have been without creating the photograph. Somehow, in this digital world, it has become a common practice to commission a photographer, capture your cherished moment and develop the digital negatives to merely place them on a storage device inside a storage container. As a photographer who emerged out of the darkroom, it’s almost heartbreaking. Our clients know we create photographs, real and tangible.


If you see yourself in these writings than you’re awesome. But you probably already knew that didn’t you… I’d be so happy to photograph your love genuinely, naturally and intimately.


Let’s create something truly incredible!


Parkwood Estate Wedding Photography