February 16, 2017

Movement & Emotion Study – Sarah Feena Artistry

I believe that constant learning, growth and experimentation is the mandate for becoming the best artist you can be. Therefore, much of my time is spent learning to better myself, my business and the outcome in every area for my clients. I have recently been studying the importance of movement and emotion in portraiture. Specifically reading from talented wedding and portrait photographer, Ben Sasso. I started thinking about what he had to say about the mood you aim to portray and how movement creates a more natural capture. I wanted to practice what he had been preaching so I automatically called upon the person who has been my guinea pig since day one. My talented and beautiful Make Up/Hair artist sister, Sarah. I described to her my visualization and communicated to her everything that I wanted her to portray. It’s super important to see eye to eye and let your subject know everything you’re thinking so you can work together to create the shot.  Once I knew who I would be photographing I wanted to create imagery that aligned with who she was as a creative. I thought about how I could relate the mediums she uses everyday to movement. I came to the idea that we would use hairspray, make up powder and shampoo. They all enhanced her movement and just the effect of the dust exploding through the air is fantastic. Yes, we were throwing all these things around my studio for 2 hours so that didn’t make for the most awesome clean up but it really worked out.  Im also proud of myself and my sister for creating killer images 😀 Can you guess the emotions we were putting across?