November 30, 2016

Maternity Photography Bowmanville Valley – Hailey & Kyle

Bowmanville Maternity Photography – Bowmanville Valley Conservation Area

Such exciting news for Hailey and Kyle to be expecting their first child together. Hailey brought along some cute props and Halloween themed ideas as they are due on the 31st. I’m so in love with maternity photography sessions at Bowmanville Valley Conservation Area! So perfect! Update: Hailey gave birth to a healthy boy that they named Easton. I’m so happy that I will be photographing his newborn photos 🙂

New Life

To create a new life… to make the decision that you are going to bring a being with a combination of you and your lover into this world. Non-existant now but coming into being inside of your heart and body. The commitment of bringing a child into the world with your partner is an even greater one in a lot of people’s minds than marriage. This little person needs you both more than you will ever need each other. Yes, there will be ups and downs and times when you will need to lean on each other’s shoulders, as parenting is hard. But this little one’s whole survival lays in your hands. You will grow with them, shaping their experience, personality and in turn their future. What a daunting challenge. What an amazing gift.