October 6, 2017

Kedron Dells Golf Club Wedding Photos – Oshawa

Kedron Dells Golf Club Wedding Photos

Their Wedding Day

Ashley and Alex’s Kedron Dells Golf Club wedding was such a beautiful and emotional day. The two had their ceremony outside under the trees and overlooking the golf course. Alex with his usual wit and good humor cracked a couple jokes to lighten the mood of such an otherwise serious event. But that’s exactly who Ashley and Alex are as a couple, playful, happy and never too serious. After their ceremony, we moved on the family photos, wedding party photos and then their bride and groom photos. This was my first time photographing a Kedron Dells Golf Club wedding but I was really impressed by the beautiful settings that were available to us to use. During this time I encourage my couples to relax and take a few minutes to really be in the moment. I give them some space and capture their quiet moments intimately. Fast forward to their reception and man was it a blast! The newlyweds went straight into their first dance following their grand entrance. It was the most unique first dance I’ve ever witnessed. They danced to Tarrus Riley’s reggae song “She’s Royal”. Again it displayed this couple’s playful personalities while still showing their immense love for each other. The rest of the night was followed by emotional speeches and parent dances. Thank you so much, Ashley and Alex, for entrusting me to capture such an important day in your lives together. It means the world to me. 🙂

Their Love Story

Ashley and Alex first met on a mutual friend’s couch. They had never talked before but Ashley quickly felt trusting and comfortable around Alex and began to tell him about the struggles she had been facing. What would have otherwise been a traumatic retelling quickly Ashley was immediately put at ease by Alex’s kindness and empathy. She was shocked to come across a stranger so selfless to care so deeply about a perfect stranger’s hardships and actually want to take the time to help her heal.

They went on to have their first date on the bleachers at Pringle Creek Fields in Whitby. Again they talked deeply about their pasts, what they wanted for their futures and their dreams. Ashley was overwhelmed to find a man that truly cared about her and wanted to hold her hand in the darkness to help her reach the light. No matter what. Their relationship may have happened fast with the two moving in together 3 months later and 3 months after that becoming engaged but when you know, you know.

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