November 19, 2016

Greenwood Conservation Area Photography Session – Bri & Lisa

Greenwood Conservation Area Photography

I was so excited to take on this mother daughter shoot with Brianna and her mom Lisa as I had never done one quite like it. I had heard and done mommy and me sessions with young kids but not kids that were all grown up. This shoot was so great for me as this pair felt so comfortable in front of the camera and it was easy to pose them naturally to create some great moments. It’s so clear that their relationship is strong. Thank you so much to Bri and Lisa for choosing me to capture your bond. It means the world to me that you invited me in to witness and capture your love. The fall colours so vivid with reds and warm tones work so well in complimenting such a session. Greenwood conservation area photography sessions are always amoung my favourites. It’s a perfect place in the gta for engagement sessions, wedding photos, family photos and the like.

Mother & Daughter

The relationship between a mother and daughter is like nothing else. An unconditional love and bond cultivated through many ups and downs. My mom always taught me never go to bed angry and to never miss a chance to say goodbye. It could be your last so embrace and to tell them just how much you truly love them. A mother is the best gift that we all have. Our reason for being, our protector, our advocate and our best friend. There are more that I could cover and many other ways that others would describe their mothers. I don’t know what I’d do without my incredible mom. She supports me in every path I decide to explore and encourages me to take risks. Taking risks and making mistakes is the quickest way to success right?

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