Frequently Asked

Wedding Photographer Questions

Hello everyone, these frequently asked wedding photographer questions are here for your convenience. I am always adding new FAQ's but if you have a question that wasn't covered here, let me know! I'd be happy to help 🙂

What is your style?

Chelsey Cunningham is an artistic photojournalist who focuses on capturing your day intimately, genuinely and creatively. She does not heavily pose her couples but instead gives them prompts to promote real emotional responses. If you are looking for a photographer that captures moving, candid imagery Chelsey is your girl!

How many photos will I receive?

You will receive 700 - 800 images from an average wedding day. This averages out to be about 75 images per hour of coverage.

Can I get more?

No. We choose the best most moving images from your day. We include all images that tell the story and capture the emotion. If a photo wasn’t included that’s because it was not a great image. We provide only the greatest images, not all of them.

Do you have an assistant?

No, I do not work with an assistant. I also only work with a second shooter at the request of the couple. I prefer being the only photographer at your day as I am more than capable and it helps keep your vendors from being too obtrusive on your day.

Do you allow your second shooter to go to a different location?

Yes. I only work with experienced, professional second shooters who are more than capable to handle themselves and the task at hand on their own.

Can we hire your second shooter for one or two hours?

If a second shooter commits to capturing a couple hours of your day that means they would not be able to fill that day with any more hour. A second shooter will not give up a full wedding day for just one of two hours of work. This does not make business sense for our second shooters.

How far in advance should we book our wedding photographer?

I accept a limited amount of weddings per month to ensure I have enough time to dedicate to each client. I usually fill my calendar a year in advance but I would love to hear from you anytime after you get engaged!

Can we get the RAW files?

Absolutely not. Raw files are the unedited digital negative files that can only be opened or edited on select programs. You will receive polished and edited JPEG files of your photography. Not an incomplete product. Under no circumstances is a client allowed to edit or manipulate copyrighted images.

Can we put an Instagram filter on the photos when we post them?

While it's understandable that some clients will want to add their own editing that they like via Instagram we ask you to please refrain from doing so. I have worked very hard to photograph and then process that image. We recommend that wedding photography clients seek out a wedding photographer whos style and editing style they like so they don't have to spend their own time reworking the images.

Can we give you a list of photos that we want?

We accept Pinterest boards of the type of imagery that moves you. While we can aim to achieve similar emotion and aesthetic we do not accept a list of images in which you insist we capture specifically. The photographer is an artist that nurtures emotions that are present on the day and creates captures based on that. Not someone else’s day. We really like this photo.

Can we recreate it?

When a photograph is recreated that means it has been staged and highly posed. This is the opposite of the photo-journalistic approach that we use. We focus on creating a real moment between you and your love.

How much is the deposit?

A non-refundable retainer of $500 is due along with the signed contract to secure your date. Your date will continue to be sold until this has happened.

Can we create a custom wedding package?

Custom collections can be created for couples having small city hall weddings or a destination wedding. All other weddings are subject to the available collections. If you require more hours they are available for purchase. We do not allow the subtraction of hours in hopes of a lower price.

Do you offer wedding videography?

Unfortunately, at this time I am not offering wedding videography as part of my services. Videography and photography may use similar gear that would seem to make the transition into each discipline, easy it actually requires different thought processes and techniques. There are many independent videographers that you can hire and I would love to work with.

We don’t want an engagement session. Can we get something else in exchange?

No. A complimentary engagement session is included in all collections because the session is free that means it does not hold any monetary value that can be used towards purchasing more hours or a second shooter.

Do I get black & white and colour edits?

You will receive black and white edits of images that the photographer finds most impactful and moving.


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